About Us

Like Me Brand is dedicated to fueling the representation of marginalized groups within culture.

VP Like Me™ clothing is created to empower, affirm, and support women. From leading rallies to marches to standing up for what is right, we represent women who advocate for social justice and equality by offering an intuitive way for women of all ages to speak boldly with their fashion.

We launched this brand with a dream that this election would be historic. To see our dreams turn into reality brings us unexplainable joy. We are beyond excited about the historic election of the first female Vice President of the United States of America. She is the first of many. She is the first female, Black, South Asian, and the daughter of immigrants to ascend to the office of the Vice President. We will have a woman in the White House who will look like our mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. Please walk with us as we make history with elegance, confidence, determination, and pride.

Join the journey! 

- Susanna, Cynthia, Eldridge & David

A Proud Black Owned Business